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5 Axis Waterjet +Plamsa Cutting

Coming January 2021

Brand-new TCI BP-H 2040 machine featuring Waterjet +Plasma Cutting.
This machine benefits from a range of features to include:

Fast & Powerful

6200 bar water pump provides incredibly powerful cutting. 2D and 3D cutting heads can cut at the same time, giving you the freedom to create complex parts quickly and efficiently.

Waterjet Features

The 5-axis waterjet cutting head allows for cutter angle compensation on parts, bevel cut edge for weld preps or countersinks on holes. Also allows for trimming and cutting of moulded/cast parts.

+Plasma Cutting Benefits

A 200-amp plasma cutter (for up to 50mm thick steel) can be combined with the Waterjet to manufacture the same part. For example; small, detailed contours or holes are precision cut with the waterjet, less critical areas are plasma cut.


Drill attachment for drilling pierce holes of composite and laminated materials. Without this the waterjet is unable to cut these materials for risk of delaminating the material whilst piercing.

Renishaw Probe

The quality and accuracy of the machine are continually monitored. We utilise the industry-leading MP11 Renshaw probe for the accurate setup and calibration of the 5-axis head to ensure for guaranteed satisfaction.


The waterjet can cut through almost any material you wish up to 200mm thick and 4m x 2m in sheet size. This vastly extends our range of services for our customers into the future.

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